Available Online Courses

High Priestess Shadow Journal

Alchemize your deepest wounds into your power with this shadow work ebook.

Implant Removal

Powerful 8 minute Light Language Transmission to remove implants.

Abundant Golden Rose Codes Transmission

Program your subconscious mind to activate your dormant dna with this 8-minute light transmission audio.

Ascended Business Masterclass 💸

The Ascended Business Masterclass is a powerful fusion of astrology, business + wealth energetics, manifestation & proven social media expansion strategies.  

Ascended Business

Learn how to master the material realm with Business & Astrology.

Dark Divine Goddess Activation

Ignite your Dark Sovereign Goddess energy.

PU$$Y Portal Workshop

Unleash your Inner Bad B*tch.

FREE Exclusive Muse Masterclass 🔒

Create the exclusive content business of your dreams.

Exclusive Muse

Learn how to launch a wildly successful exclusive content platform that is aligned with your full feminine expression, passion, boundaries and creativity.

Psychic Development Training

Join Hathor Mystery School on the journey of building a new earth for personal growth & education.

$acred Worker

Learn how to create generational wealth through your $acred work.

Tantric King - The Path to Power

Learn how to activate the spiritual warrior within you to bring truth and protection that will free your masculine power.

Intimate Warrior

Learn how to master your love life and step fully into your dream relationship filled with intimacy, honesty, support, understanding, passion and deep love in 8 weeks or less.

Power Union

Learn how to experience a lifetime of the honeymoon phase in your relationship.

Mindful Millionaire

Learn how to balance the physical and spiritual realms.

Emotional Billionaire

Learn how to serve humanity on the highest level for the ultimate fulfillment. 

Mystical Membership - The Practical Mystic

The Practical Mystic is Level 1 out of 3 levels of the Mystical Membership.

Mystical Membership - The Path Of The Sage

The Path of the Sage is Level 2 out of 3 levels of the Mystical Membership.

Mystical Membership - The Sacred Journey

The Sacred Journey is Level 3 out of 3 levels of the Mystical Membership.

1:1 Call 1 Hour

Come see if we're a good fit before committing to a yearly membership.

Hathor Eros Mastermind

Yearly membership for visionaries, leaders, coaches, healers, & mystics to activate their next level.


Get out of your own f-cking way!

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